Hot Damn, the ‘Baywatch’ Cast Has Some Ridiculously Good-Looking People

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The lifeguard team has been assembled. 

Dwayne Johnson has been calling the cast of the new Baywatch film the “Avengers of the beach,” and in an Instagram post, the leading man showed why:


Johnson and his crew, which includes Kelly Rohrbach, Alexandra Daddario, Ilfenesh Hadera, Zac Efron, and Jon Bass—but not, it seems, co-star Priyanka Chopra—run down the beach in a homage shot to the original Baywatch television series. (Mental note: Running in slow motion “makes everyone’s kibbles and bits look sexy.”)

Johnson and Efron look absolutely jacked—even more so than usual—as they rush into action. The two stars have been working out like madmen for the film (tire flipping included), and this picture really shows off the fruits of their labor. Efron might even give Johnson a run for his money as the most chiseled actor in the film, even if he lost to The Rock in an on-set pullup contest.

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Johnson has been working non-stop in 2016—he has Baywatch, Fast 8, the second season of Ballers, and the Jumanji remake coming down the pipeline—but he also took the time out of shooting to meet a fan and his family while filming on the beach. Dwayne Johnson: action star, real-life hero.

Thank you universe. I was on set this morning ready to start our shooting day when I got word that there was a family with a special needs young man named RYAN who was hoping to meet me. They understood that they travelled in unannounced but they were willing to wait all day until I wrapped to meet. That would've 12hrs. Way too long. So I asked production to hold and walked across the beach to the barriers where they were waiting. When I walked down the stairs, Ryan's mom (pictured here) was waiting with a huge hug! Her tears started to come as she whispered, "Thank you, thank you". I met Ryan, his brother and his nurse. What a great and cool kid. Without getting into the details, this kid has waaaaaay more heart, is stronger and tougher than I could ever imagine. He can't talk much, but he did tell me, "I love you" in sign language. I thanked him so much for that love. I walked away from this family so grateful to have met them and Ryan. I don't ever take meetings like this for granted and when that mama hugged me today and I felt her start to cry… that stuff gets me every single time I hug a parent in these situations, because I'm a parent too and will do anything to make my babies happy and put a smile on their faces. I know I'm a lucky guy to be in this position and have this platform. I'm grateful and moments like this will always, ALWAYS be the best part of my job. Stay strong Ryan and thanks for teaching me how to sign language buddy. Great meeting you and your family. Thank you universe.

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While Baywatch has plenty of action, it’s been billed as a mostly raunchy R-rated comedy. Evidence: Johnson also posted a behind-the-scenes look as the crew got Bass’, um, package, ready for a scene.


“Dreams come true on the set of Baywatch.”

They do indeed. 

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