The Rock Is Getting His Own Badass Signature Training Shoe From Under Armour

The Rock Signature Shoes / Instagram @therock

No offense, Steph Curry, but The Rock has you beat.

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Dwayne Johnson revealed on Instagram that he will be getting his own signature training shoe from Under Armour. The Fast 8 star showed off the sneaker in a video while taking a break from working out in “The Wolf’s Den,” and he was pretty excited about the reveal:

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK: It's a good day in footwear. Big s/o to my boy @stephencurry30 for sending me pairs of the new #CurryLux's. Dope color ways in suede and leather. Droppin' Aug 13th! Aaaaand FINALLY.. what the world has been waiting for.. a lil' shoe we'll call #RocksFIYA for now, 'cause you'll chase your greatness in them by the only way we know how.. EARNING IT. Been training in these beasts for a year now so by the time they drop to you at the top of 2017 – you'll know I've given my blood and sweat in them and kept it 💯. And one more thing.. they're slightly aggressive. As alphas are.😉 Blood, sweat and respect. First two we give, last one we earn. #CurryLux #RocksFIYA #GoodDayInFootwear #UnderArmour #BloodSweatAndRespect

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The new design includes the words “Earn It” and “Blood, Sweat, and Respect” on each of the tongues. The main color of the shoe is black, but it also has a gold/yellow Rock logo on the back of it.

Johnson has been training with the shoes for a year and said that he is “perfecting” the design. He also showed off a yet-to-be-released pair of the Curry Lux sneakers in a gold and navy color and he said they “looked dope.”

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While Johnson was pumped about Curry sending him over a pair, he was even more jacked up about his own signature sneaker.

Keep an eye out for the signature “Rock” trainers in early 2017.