Rock Royalty Jack Osbourne on Weight Loss and MS

In 2012, Jack Osbourne went to the eye doctor for vision loss in one eye and came back with news that he had multiple sclerosis.

But this wasn’t the first time the son of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne had been faced with a life-threatening challenge. Jack overcame addictions to pills and alcohol 10 years ago, and in 2005 faced his next challenge: his weight. In 2006, Jack told MF that his TV show Adrenaline Junkie helped him drop from 210 to 160 pounds. And he didn’t stop there. 

Watch our interview with Jack to learn what he does to stay fit and how his MS diagnosis is affecting his life. And be sure to catch Jack on Fuse News, which airs weeknights at 8/7c.

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MF: Congratulations on being 10 years sober. What advice would you give someone else who’s battling an addiction? 

JO: Advice in this realm is always tricky. If you are an individual suffering from addiction, sometimes advice isn’t what you really want. But what I would suggest is to really think about what you want, and if what you’re doing is actually going to get you what you want. If it’s not, there are plenty of options out there for getting help, and I highly recommend it.

A few of your family members went through similar transformations before you did. Is there any connection there or did you learn anything from them?

I think having issues with weight is clearly a universal problem these days. We weren’t designed to sit in cars and sit behind desks for 9 to 15 hours a day. We have two legs, we’re natural hunter-gatherers, and we’re meant to be on our feet all day. So it’s something a lot of people have to battle in some aspects. As far as getting advice from each other, it’s not like we sit around like, “You know what you really need to do, Kelly?” It never really comes up.

Since you have such a busy lifestyle, what tips do you have in terms of staying in shape while juggling a job, a family, etc.?

Probably the best advice is to do everything in moderation. I’m not the kind of person who’s like, “Oh, it has to be macrobiotic.” I’m not always in a place where I can eat as healthy as I want, but there’s always a healthier option on the menu. So I’ll try to practice as much restraint as possible, although it’s not always mission: accomplished. But I eat right, I juice a lot. I usually drink my breakfast. And I just remain active. I have one of those fitness bands that tells you how you’re doing in your day. I set my goal on that and try and hit it at least four or five times a week.

At 26, you’ve overcome obstacles that some people don’t overcome in a lifetime. Where do you find the motivation to keep going?

I’m good at problem solving, which is why I got hooked on rock climbing. All rock climbing is is problem solving. You’re literally solving a problem fighting against gravity. So it really helped program my brain to think, OK, so I’m looking at this giant, 1,000-foot cliff in front of me. How can I get to the top? So I apply that mindset to everything that’s come up since then. It’s working, so I’m not going to go against it.

How has your life changed since you’ve been diagnosed with MS?

In relation to my MS diagnosis, my life hasn’t changed that much. Only because I have a newborn baby that I have to take care of. Taking care of my child is top priority, and then I take care of me. I’m really fortunate that my MS was found early enough. I take daily injections and it has kept things good so far. And I do whatever I have to do to stay as healthy as I can. So it’s all good.

You were doing a show called Adrenaline Junkie for a while. Do you still consider yourself an adrenaline junkie?

There are definite adrenaline junkie aspects. I’ve had to hang up the motorcycle helmet since having a kid though. I had to stop participating in activities that have uncontrollable risks. But I think at heart I still have my adrenaline junkie roots.

How do you feed that craving now?

I haven’t climbed in a while, but that’s still kind of my passion. My need for adventure has driven me to a lot of work. I do a show on Syfy called Haunted Highway where I basically run around in the dark with my friend trying to find ghosts. That gets pretty scary at times when you’re like literally in the middle of the woods and there’s supposedly something weird out there. So that definitely gets the blood pumping.

We have to ask, what’s Ozzie like as a grandpa?

Wow. Let’s see. My dad as a grandpa. It’s pretty funny actually. My daughter has this weird thing. If you have long hair and glasses, she freaks out. Doesn’t matter who it is. But if you have glasses and your hair pulled back, she’s fine. Or if you have long hair with no glasses, she’s fine. So whenever my dad comes over, I’m like, “OK, either hair up and glasses or hair down and no glasses,” and she’s fine. He’s been on the road so I send him a bunch of videos all the time and he cracks up. He’s pretty good with her.

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