The Rock Would Like to Welcome You to Get Crazy in the “Iron Paradise”

The Rock welcomes you to the Iron Gym to motivate your workout / Instagram @therock

Dwayne Johnson is ready to get big. 

Johnson—champion lifeguard, action hero, real life hero, the hardest working man in Hollywood, producer of the best alarm clock app in the universe—wants to welcome you to the Iron Paradise heading into the weekend. 

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Wondering how to get pumped up for the gym? Johnson can help out with that—this is how you get pumped up, with a pep talk from the Rock himself. Get excited men of the internet, because Johnson is here to be your workout hero.

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“Here we are down here in the Iron Paradise, we are about ready to get after it. We are gonna get crazy. We are gonna, as we say, go ‘Full Tilt Boogie up in this son of bitch.’ Hope you’re having a great day, it’s on.”

Johnson really is the hardest working man in Hollywood—he has a ton of projects coming up, including the second season of the HBO show Ballers, the film Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart, the Baywatch movie with Zac Efron, and Fast 8 with Vin Diesel. 

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How does he even have time to work out, one may wonder? Well, there’s an app for that—Johnson just released “The Rock Clock” app and it can get you up as early as he does, which is bascially at the ass-crack of dawn.

Hardest working man in Hollywood? Check. One of TIME’s 100 Most Influential people? Check. 

And he can get you pumped up for the gym too.

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