The Rock’s ‘Skyscraper’ Poster Leap Is Hilariously Impossible, and Twitter Is Here to Prove It

'Skyscraper' Poster Physically Impossible, According to Twitter
Courtesy Image

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can do many things. He’s been known to crush a grueling workout regimen, collaborate with Under Armour on a line of workout gear, is one of the few to host Saturday Night Live five times, and he’s one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

One thing The Rock cannot do, however, is fly.

Although the newest promotional poster for his upcoming film, Skyscraper, might lead you to believe otherwise.

In a poster for the movie, which is about a former FBI agent that must save his family from a burning (you guessed it) skyscraper, Johnson can be seen dramatically leaping from a crane into a building’s shattered window.

And while the suspension of disbelief (especially during stunt sequences) is essential to enjoying action flicks, the Internet was not about to let Johnson get away with pretending that this feat is actually feasible. More than a few Twitter users mocked up their own parabolas of the actual trajectory of the jump, while others hilariously photoshopped The Rock into other scenarios, using the hashtag #DwayneJumpsStuff.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions:



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