The Exercise You’ll Want to Steal From Ryan Reynolds’ Workout

Ryan Reynolds
Jim Spellman/Contributor/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds may have wrapped filming the highly anticipated Deadpool 2, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped training hard. Instead, it only means taking his workouts to their next level, working on movements that keep him strong and limber for when he may need to suit back up.

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How Ryan Reynolds Got His Abs for 'Deadpool 2'

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“Preparing for Deadpool 2 meant putting Ryan through a huge bulking phase,” says trainer Don Saladino, who has worked with Reynolds for years. “Now that is over, he is done filming, and we are shifting into our phase of opening up the body and reemphasizing mobility.”

Saladino recently shared a video of Reynolds performing one of these new movements, a walking lunge with rotation, using a 40-pound Ultimate Sandbag to add difficulty. The 41-year-old actor can be seen gritting through the intense workout, all while wearing a 30-pound weighted vest in the video.

“I like using these traditional movements with little twists,” explains Saladino. “This move in particular is not only maintaining the strength that he built up to play Deadpool but also encourages stabilization and balance. We have done exercises similar to this over the course of the past few years, but sometimes with a kettlebell and without the vest during our warm-ups.”

For those of you trying this one at home, don’t stress if you don’t nail it right away. “Ryan is strong, and it still usually takes him about a set to get solid,” Saladino says. “We didn’t start with the sandbag and the vest either—those were tools that we added later when he got comfortable.”

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