The Science-backed Fat-burning, Muscle-building Regimen

Spin Class
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As we reported (here), scientists have discovered the exercise and diet sweet spot for gaining muscle while simultaneously losing fat. To give you a recap of the study, researchers put 40 young male participants (averaging 216lb) through a month of grueling exercise and a low-calorie diet.

Though all the men cut their calorie consumption by 40 percent, they were divided into two subject diet groups: high-protein (236g) and low-protein (118g). They consumed both animal and plant-based protein as well as milk-based whey protein beverages.

As for the training? The brunt of it revolved around resistance and high-intensity interval training six days a week. If you’re looking to drop some serious weight—up to 10 pounds—with the added benefit of more muscle—up to three pounds—give this workout regimen, straight from the study, a go.

Full-Body Resistance Workout and Circuits 
*Complete together twice a week; 3×10 reps at 80% of 1RM, working to failure on the last set of each exercise. No rest in between exercises, but 1-min rest between sets. 

1a. Full-Body Resistance Workout Supersets:

– Leg press and lat pulls
– Bench press and arm curls
– Shoulder press and seated rows

1b. Circuit Supersets:

– Leg extension and skullcrusher
– Hamstring curl and seated flyes
– Calf raises and tricep extension
– Plank circuit (front plank and both sides)

SIT/HIIT (Sprint Interval Training/High-Intensity Interval Training)
*Complete twice a week 

2a. Sprint Interval Training
The sprint interval training session is based off the Wingate test, which requires a subject to pedal a mechanically braked bicycle ergometer or an arm ergometer for 30 seconds at an all-out pace.
*Progress from four to eight 30-second Wingate bouts (adding one rep each week) with a 4-min rest in between bouts  

2B. Modified High-Intensity Interval Training
*Complete 10 bouts of an all-out sprint for 1 min at 90% of peak power on a bicycle ergometer with 1-min rest intervals pedaling at 50% of peak power

Time Trials
3. Time Trial on Cycle Ergometer 
*Complete a weekly 250-kJ time trial (59.7 Kcal or ~10-12 min) on a cycle ergometer as quickly as possible.  

Body-Weight Circuit
4. Plyometric Body-Weight Circuit
*Complete these moves, one after another, once per week. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 30-sec rest in between exercises and 2-min rest between circuits. Repeat 3 times. 

– Jumping jacks
– Pushups
– Star jumps
– Situps 
– Walking lunges
– Standing broad jumps
– Run in place (30s) 

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