Scooter Braun: the Music Boss Who Became the Bieber Whisperer

Scooter Braun: the Music Boss Who Became the Bieber Whisperer

Braun made the same promise to himself we all make: The 206-pound businessman behind Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and many other artists swore he’d hit the gym and get his body right.

Except he actually did it.

Now clocking in at 178 pounds, the former college basketball player finally recognizes himself when he looks in the mirror.

“For 10 years I let myself go because all I was focusing on was my career,” he says. 

And what a career: The party promoter–turned–record label owner was the steady tether during Bieber’s spiraling out, guiding him back to his comeback tour last year, he also joined forces with West in 2016 to orchestrate the hip-hop megastar’s groundbreaking Adidas Yeezy deal.

The foundation of Braun’s recent successes is his fitness, he says. He circuit-trains five days a week, plays basketball once a week, and meditates. He credits his newfound motivation to a doctor’s warning that his LDL cholesterol levels were through the roof. “He told me, ‘With your stress levels and lack of sleep, I can guarantee you a heart attack within the next five to 10 years.’ ”

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