Scott Eastwood’s Helicopter Flying, Big-Wave-Riding, Bull-Bucking Life

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Peter Yang / Men's Fitness

It’s good to be Scott Eastwood. The 29 year-old son of you-know-who is enjoying his star turn this month as a rodeo cowboy in The Longest Ride while his résumé is expanding at a Bradley Cooper-ian clip: in addition to a role in last year’s Brad Pitt-led epic Fury, Eastwood is currently filming the Oliver Stone-directed biopic of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, he’s starring in a Western coming out later this year called Diablo, and he’s even scored a yet-to-be-announced part as a soldier in one of the most closely watched and anticipated projects in all of Hollywood: Suicide Squad, the big-budget comic-book supervillain ensemble flick starring Will Smith and Jared Leto. It’s a role for which he’s already undergoing some brutal physical training.

But in his first ever full-length cover profile, in the May issue of Men’s Fitness, Eastwood reveals that his onscreen work may actually be the least exciting part of being Scott Eastwood. 

He’s an avid deep-sea angler, big-wave surfer, and amateur helicopter aviator. As writer Mickey Rapkin observes, over beer and shrimp tacos by the beach in San Diego, where Eastwood calls home, “it’s clear that sitting still amounts to hard work for him.” When Eastwood wanted to ride a bull for The Longest Ride, and the execs at Fox refused (for obvious reasons) he rode one anyway after production wrapped. 

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“I can’t go promote a film and say, ‘Hey I think I know what it’s like to be a bull rider, when I’ve never actually bucked one,’” he says. Rapkin asked if the pros gave him any advice before he hopped on the bull and launched out of the chute. “Yeah,” Eastwood replies, “Man the fuck up and get on the bull.”

Eastwood also opens up about his relationship with his famous father (of their family ski trips, when he was young: “If you forgot your gloves or something on your way to the mountain, it was the scariest thing. He’d grumble loudly. He’s a dad.”), his nights spent as a bartender in his early-20s (“it was crazy, man… I can’t tell all the stories. I’d get in trouble”), and the unique role of physical fitness in his life. He’s a blue belt in jiu-jitsu and revels in a unique brand of fishing. 

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“I’ll take a kayak out, anchor it in the kelp beds, then free diver for sea bass or yellow tail,” he says, before offering: “I always eat what I kill.” He’s also single—at least for the moment—and plans to take his time before settling down. His father Clint’s advice on the subject: “Think long and hard” about marriage.

When it comes to film roles, however, Eastwood reveals that he’s a true force to be reckoned with—and often goes after parts even against the wishes of his team. “A lot of times they don’t want me to do what I do. But I’m like, ‘Fuck you, give me [the director’s email].’ I’m sure I’ve pissed casting directors off.  So fuck it. I’m going to fight for the good stuff.” 

For more, pick up the May issue of Men’s Fitness, on newsstands April 27, 2015.

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