Shake Up Your Routine With LYVECAP, An Elite Probiotics System for Athletes


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What if we told you that your gut can optimize performance, recovery and overall wellness? The CEO and founder of LYVECAP, Dr. Yinka Davies, and her team of experts are on a mission to break through the noise of the probiotic market, by introducing a scientifically superior product. Lyvecap is here to give you back control over your gut health, energy and endurance for good.

We all know that elite athletes have a “next level” mindset. They constantly look to challenge themselves on a daily basis in order to leave their competitors in the dust. But getting back up can be daunting when a professional or health enthusiast’s immune system hits an all-time low. So, where do we go from here?

When it comes to performance and recovery, what’s going on in the gut is critical. Growing evidence suggests that gut flora plays an important role in an athlete’s physical performance and recovery. Intense training, physiological stress, disturbed sleep patterns, and environmental extremes can all negatively affect immune health and microbiome balance. By taking a potent and proven probiotic blend, athletes can optimize their performance and overall wellness every day.

“Better begins within,” explains Dr. Yinka Davies, the CEO, and founder of LYVECAP. “You just have to bring the right bacteria together with the right amounts to immunologically change the game.” With 80% of our immune system located in the gut, experts in the field have found increasing evidence indicating that proper gut microbiome balance can enhance the body’s immune response.

Despite supermarket shelves packing poorly researched products claiming to be the best solution for everyone, Dr. Davies, a leading Stanford University-trained pediatric gastroenterologist, is breaking through the unregulated probiotic market. “Most products don’t include strains clinically proven to work together. They are likely ineffective because they aren’t living, clinically studied, or backed by science.”


So, how does this happen? Well, the majority of probiotics are sold as dietary supplements, which don’t require FDA approval before reaching the market. Current trademark law allows trademark owners to commercialize any formulation under the brand, even if it’s different from the original formulation.

Resultingly, the vast majority of probiotics today are based on false claims since there is no testing for safety, efficacy or quality. Probiotics deliver strain-specific benefits, so if a company is distributing a random strain without research, there are no clinically proven results that determine if there is legitimacy to the claimed benefits. Lyvecap is here to change that by leading with transparency and science.

Nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Davies experienced a life-changing epiphany after treating her first patient suffering from chronic gut flora complications. “I tried just about every probiotic on the market, but it wasn’t until using the De Simone Formulation that we saw a major improvement.” Dr. Davies recalls. “Through this experience and countless more over my career, I realized that a balanced gut is critical for health and wellness. That’s why we are streamlining a product created by doctors, backed by science.”

Since LYVECAP’s launch in 2020, the team is proud to be offering a scientifically superior product, invented by Dr. Claudio De Simone, a world-renowned pioneer in intestinal microflora. With experts like this, it wasn’t long before a new and improved high-quality probiotic supplement was on the market.

Now, LYVECAP’s high-potency patent-pending formulation of 200 billion CFUs or live bacteria is transforming the sporting world like never before. “Our products are built to survive the stomach’s acidic environment and help the body withstand shifts in gut flora during intense exercise,” says Dr. Davies.

LYVECAP STRONG, invented by Professor Claudio De Simone, MD, Ph.D., comprises eight carefully selected strains of bacteria and two amino acids: Leucine and Taurine. This robust combination creates phenomenal results with a highly energizing effect. The bacterial strains in STRONG stabilize HIF1-a, which switches the metabolism to glycolysis, the breakdown of glucose into energy. As a result, oxygen consumption in the gut decreases, creating more oxygen availability for other organs and tissues.

The energizing effect of Lyvecap is oxygen-sparing, helping athletes reach peak performance during high-intensity exercise. STRONG has been shown to decrease V02, mean heart rate, and blood lactate levels. More oxygen is available for the brain, heart, kidney, and muscles if there is less oxygen consumption at the intestinal level.

Lyvecap is also Informed-Sport Certified, meaning that every batch, including blind samples, is tested by LGC (operator of the Informed-Sport certification program) for banned substances and any harmful substances before being released to the market. Regardless of whether you are simply an active individual or a professional athlete, you can be confident that LYVECAP STRONG is a safe, high-quality product that is clinically and professionally tested.

So how does it work?

The system is sold through a subscription model that ships cold in a climate-controlled environment every 30 days. From here, athletes can choose between two probiotic systems: bottle caps that release the potent formula into their favorite beverage or manually pouring a daily sachet into a drink of their choice. The top pick is the innovative on-the-go bottles with over 50 elite athletes who use LYVECAP to enhance their daily performance and recovery. The patented probiotics are nestled in the ground-breaking dose dispensing cap of a stylish white, grey, or jet-black bottle.

“Consumers can fill their reusable bottles with any cold non-carbonated beverage,” explains Dr. Davies. “The formula is designed to mix into liquids, allowing the probiotics to arrive in the gut with minimal degradation from the stomach’s harsh acidic environment.”

At $150 a month, LYVECAP STRONG comes at a higher cost than most probiotics. However, if you break it down per CFUs, STRONG is less expensive than many other probiotic brands on the market. Backed by 20+ years of research and development, the price of Lyvecap is a direct reflection of its scientific efficacy, quality, and results.

“By investing in LYVECAP, athletes can expect to reach peak performance by prioritizing their health and wellness. Here athletes are fueled by science, not sugar,” says Dr. Davies.

If you are ready to reset your gut, simply pull and push LYVECAP to unleash the science-backed efficacy of a clinically proven probiotic.

For more information on an accessible and trusted probiotic system, visit their website and experience the effects of what a potent burst of bacteria feels like.



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