Shaving With Gin. (Yes, Gin.)


While gin might not be currently trending in any bar near you, the ingredient responsible for its herbal crispiness – juniper berries – has been gaining in popularity for use in men’s shaving products. Turns out the same juniper extracts responsible for gin’s sharp flavor are also desirable for guys interested in preventing nasty, post-shave breakouts. New York City’s Blind Barber has made fine use of these botanicals in its Watermint Gin line of shaving products that includes a shave cream, aftershave soother, and facial cleanser.

Yes, a cleanser is part of a shaving line. Thoroughly washing your face pre-shave is one of the most overlooked, but important, steps for avoiding redness, nicks, and things that go puss. Using the Blind Barber Watermint Gin facial cleanser is an ideal way to clear the path for a smoother shave because the dual strengths of the juniper berries inside vigorously remove blade-blocking grime and kill acne causing bacteria. We found it to be a powerful astringent-like wash that didn’t dry out skin as most traditional, alcohol-based toners do, nor was it so gentle that it was ineffective, like some other all-natural things on the market. It’s particularly useful for guys with dry and irritable skin problems, such as adult acne, blackheads, weeping eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, but it can be employed by anyone dealing with pimples.

The same juniper berry qualities are infused in Blind Barber’s shave cream and aftershave to the same effect. And outside of your shave program? It might be time to reconsider gin as a drink. Juniper berry extracts are also helpful in alleviating gas, a rather worthy FYI on this Labor Day Weekend, should that barbecue hit the wrong spot. [$18 for 6.8 oz;]

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