Sissies? Nope, These 6 Guys Would Kick Your Ass

Sissies? Nope, These 6 Guys Would Kick Your Ass

The era of the macho man in Hollywood and sports is one that seems to have faded in recent years. Many now wonder where the tough guys like Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood and John Wayne have gone. It seems as if today’s tough guy is one who would rather cry on your shoulder than break it. Or would he? Let’s take a look at some surprising secrets and habits from today’s tough guys and then ask yourself if they’re still someone you’d wanna mess with.

HUGH JACKMAN He dances! He sings! He does Broadway! We all know that Hugh Jackman is talented, but everyone’s favorite X-Man will sometimes retract the claws to belt out a show tune or trip the light fantastic with a dance number. But make no mistake: this Aussie’s strict workout routine and diet make him a lean, mean fighting machine. Get in Jackman’s face and this wolverine will dance all over your bloodied, lifeless body.


OSCAR DE LA HOYA One of the most successful fighters in history, De La Hoya has won 10 different titles in six different weight classes. But when the gloves come off, the lingerie goes on. The famous boxer recently admitted that the pictures leaked of him wearing high heels, lingerie and a wig were not fabricated. Despite De La Hoya’s preference for soft, silky teddies, “The Golden Boy” would still knock you into next week if you teased him with a wolf whistle and a wink.


TOM HARDY Who cares if he’s slept with men? Definitely not Tom Hardy. In 2010, the Dark Knight’s upcoming arch-nemesis and current onscreen Warrior matter-of-factly told an interviewer who asked him if he ever had gay sex, “Of course I have. I’m an actor for fuck’s sake.” He also openly admits that he has feminine qualities. And why shouldn’t he be proud? The back-breaking Batman villain can get you in a triangle choke that’ll have you begging for mercy before finally blacking out.

BRETT FAVRE Anyone have a tissue? The former Green Bay Packer (…and New York Jet… and Minnesota Viking…) has retired more times than Hulk Hogan, and each time he’s announced his retirement, he ends up trying to talk through another tidal wave of tears. While not the manliest thing to do on camera—repeatedly—Favre won’t have a problem watching you cry like a baby when his 6’2″, 220-pound frame does a touchdown dance on your spine.


ROBERT DOWNEY JR. He had the worst ’80s fashion sense, he’s gotten so high he broke into a neighbor’s house and fell asleep in a stranger’s bed and he used to star in Ally McBeal. Pushover, right? Wrong. Today’s Tony Stark is so well-versed in Wing Chun that he left his stuntmen bloodied and battered while working on the set of Sherlock Holmes. You’d be making a mistake to think that the 5’8″ actor isn’t afraid to throw hands. Just take comfort in knowing that he’d probably say something witty as he broke your nose.


MIKE TYSON With his penchant for pigeons and his soft-spoken demeanor (not to mention a disastrous stint on Dancing With the Stars), you’d never guess this is the same guy who could knock your head clean off with one uppercut. “Iron” Mike Tyson was the most dominating force in boxing for years, but has moved on from his life of violence toward helping others and keeping his pigeons well fed. But that’s not the sound of bird droppings on your head if you step to the former heavyweight champion of the world, it’s the sound of Tyson dropping knuckle bombs on your face. Follow George on Twitter @elguapo1

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