Sleep Well, Lower the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Mj 618_348_sleep well lower the risk of prostate cancer
Getty Images

A good night’s sleep might protect your prostate. A new Harvard study of 926 men found that those with higher blood levels of melatonin — a hormone the body produces after dark — had 75 percent less risk of advanced prostate cancer. According to the researchers, when you skimp on sleep, your body doesn’t make enough melatonin, a key part of the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, and this can cause many health problems, including increased prostate cancer risk.

“It is a small sample size as well, but the correlation to melatonin levels seems compelling,” says Dr Robert Mordkin, chief of urology and director of robotic surgery at Virginia Hospital Center. “Keep in mind that the study found melatonin levels correlated with the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer, not the risk of developing prostate cancer [in the first place].”

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