Small Calves Increase Your Risk of Stroke and Big Thighs Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease


Have long limbs? You have a lesser chance of developing Alzheimer’s. Get cold sores? Your risk of the brain disease rises. If you have blue eyes, your odds of being anemic are greater. Get really bad allergies? Statistically, that will lessen your odds of developing a brain tumor. It turns out your body type and physical characteristics reveal a trove of information—good and bad—regarding your future health. All of this information, which has been gleaned from the likes of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, has been researched and compiled in the infographic below by David McCandless and his design company Information is Beautiful for their Knowledge is Beautiful project. 

Take a look and consider your own health. These findings may be enough to compel you to make your yearly doctor’s appointment. Note: Information is Beautiful says, “Data is from a range of population studies to reveal correlations & statistical probabilities. Validity of studies may vary.” That means don’t go thinking you’re going to fall victim to cholera and nosebleeds if you have type O blood. This is just a reminder that you really are working what your mama gave ya. Also, you can see the data for yourself here and make your own judgement call on that question of validity.

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