The Smartest Rope in the Gym


In our perennial quest for a lean, mean physique, a lot of us forget about one of the best fat torchers out there: the jump rope. A simple 15-minute routine can burn up to 222 calories and is a must to complement any resistance workout.

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But instead of pulling out a ratty old rope, get in the swing with the ultra innovative new Smart Rope from Tangram Factory. This cool piece of fitness tech has LEDs embedded directly in the rope, which flash your jump count or the calories you’ve burned right in midair in front of you as you jump and can even guide you through a pre-specified interval workout. And, bonus: It also pairs with a smartphone app to deliver all your workout stats.

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The Smart Rope—which raked in $193,376 for its humble $60,000 Kickstarter ask—can be ordered now for $70 to $80 at with production starting this summer.