The Specifics: a Workout for Every Body Part Series


Building the body the you’ve always wanted comes with some serious hard work, but we just made things a bit easier. Every possible workout you could need is right here in our new exercise video series, The Specifics

This week, we’ll be rolling out a body part specific workout each day on and our social streams. Once the program has concluded you can receive every workout right here at

If you’re a fan of the series – and we certainly hope you are – make sure you give the videos a like, share, and comment. 

Note: All of these workouts are NOT to be done collectively in one week. These are one-off’s to add into your regular mix.


Five Unique Exercises for a Big and Powerful Chest with Luis Tejada

Six Exercises for Big and Bulletproof Shoulders with Mike Simone

Five Exercises for Massive Arms with Sergey Pashko

Six Exercises for a Strong Core and Ripped Abs

Five Moves to a Massive Back with Joey Frad

Six Exercises for Power-Loaded Legs with Jacqueline Kasen

All workouts were shot on location at FOCUS NYC.

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