Speeding up May Decrease Your Chances of Knee Pain After Running

Main running faster may decrease knee pain

You may think that going for a light jog will reduce your chances of knee pain, but according to a study in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy running faster actually causes less impact, and reduces your chances of knee injury.

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The study looked at multiple runners completing a 1,000 meter run at different speeds. While those runners who were running at a faster pace were putting more stress on their knees per stride, they took fewer strides to cover the 1,000 meter distance. So the total impact over the course of the run was less than those runners who were running slower.

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“The cumulative load at the knee was significantly higher at a slow running speed than at a high running speed (relative different, 80 percent),” according the study. The key then is a runner’s efficiency in strides, and strike, so that as you increase your speed, you also increase your strides and in turn place less total impact on your knees.

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So contrary to popular belief, running faster may reduce your knee pain, as long as you maintain a proper running form. Find out how you can make your runs more efficient and injuries by Mastering the Proper Running Form. And follow these 6 Tips to Avoid Running Injuries.

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