The Speedy Newcomer


Jerry Owens is preparing to start his second season in the bigs. Last season, he led all rookies in stolen bases (32). “When you’re stealing bases, being quick is more important than being fast,” he says. Here are a few tips from Owens on how you can be as fleet-footed as the White Sox speedster:

“If you learn how to run better—the proper form and all the little things—you can cut down on your time, because shedding a split second off means the difference between being safe and being out.”

“You know whether you have the base stolen in the first two steps. When I train, every first step I take is quick because I want to build my muscle memory. I’d have someone in front of me drop a tennis ball, and as soon as I see them drop that ball, I’m gone. It’s almost like a reaction thing.”

“I lift a lot of weights on one leg because our legs work individually for the most part. If I’m starting a new program, I’ll start off with 3 sets of 8 reps on each leg (squats, side lunges, front lunges, and back lunges). The next week, I might do 4 sets, 8 reps for the first two sets, 6 reps for the second 2 sets to build strength and endurance.”

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