Spider-Man Wants No Part of the EDM Business, Bro

Ever wonder what a potential Spider-Man reboot may look like with New York City’s crime-fighting superhero dispatching enemies inside of a sprawling and vibrant nightclub? Yeah, we didn’t think so. 

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Defamer reported that former Sony Pictures Chairperson Amy Pascal and CEO Michael Lynton received an e-mail in November 2013 from an ex-MTV executive Nick Shore, containing the latter’s thoughts on turning Spider-Man into Spider-Maus, in order to reach younger millennials. 

Among his particularly disastrous thoughts were possibly converting the athletic and nimble crime-fighter into an avid social media wizard, transforming him into an EDM powerhouse; even turning him into a candidate to compete in Tough Mudder challenges. 

It just so would happen that Pascal “LOVED” the idea, but thankfully plans for a kid-friendly reboot of Spider-Man were put on hold. We thank you Spidey for saying no to EDM, bro.