Spring Sports Guide: the Basketball Performance Workout

With the weather heating up fast, everyone’s itching for pickup games with the boys. Whether you’re looking to get primed for one-on-one or regulation, Will Huntington, C.S.C.S. has the workout specifically designed for the hardtop. 

GOALS: Increase vertical jump, improve stop and start efficiency, total-body balance and stability, upper-body endurance.


EXERCISE 1: Depth Jumps
3-5 sets
3-5 reps
2-3 minutes’ rest

EXERCISE 2: Pro agility drill
8-10 reps
90 seconds’ rest

EXERCISE 3 & 4: Core superset 
30-50 Russian twists
10 Overhead Squats
1 minute’s rest
3 sets

EXERCISE 5: Pull-ups
8-10 sets
3 reps
30 seconds’ rest

* Shot on location at FOCUS NYC

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