The Killer Kettlebell Workout to Lose Weight and Get the Perfect Body

Program designer Tim McComsey demonstrates the first day of the SPRING TRIM UP.

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Band Lateral Walks  4 x 20
KB  Swings  4 x 20
Push Up Plank  4 x 20
Rest 30 seconds

Twisting Walking Lunges 4 x 24
KB Thrusts  4 x 15
KB Farmer’s Walks 4 x 10 yards each way
Rest 30 seconds

KB SL DL 4 x 15
KB Sumo Squat  4 x 15
KB V Crunch  4 x 15
Rest 30 seconds

KB Squat  4 x 12
KB Bridge 4 x 15
KB Russian Twist 4 x 30
Rest 30 seconds

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The REDEMPTION Workout Plan
The 21-Day Shred App (or PDF for Android users)

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