Squash 101

Squash 101

Not to be confused with the much-aligned vegetable, squash is one of the most physically grueling racquet sports out there. Think tennis, with longer points—and lots more sweat. And walls.

You’ll need a racquet, an opponent, a ball, and an enclosed court—most colleges and large gyms have them. Alternate hitting the ball off the front wall until someone loses the point. this happens when you allow the ball to bounce twice, or when you whack it out of bounds—below the 19-inch strip of metal (the “tin”) along the bottom of the front wall, or above the red line around the top of the court. First one to 11 points wins the game; best of three or five wins the match.

You bend, lunge, jump, and twist, working your upper body, explosiveness, endurance, and core. You’ll burn more than 1,000 calories an hour.

Calories burned per hour in squash versus other sports
Squash = 1,034
Stationary Bike = 905
Soccer = 862
Cross-Country Running = 776
Tennis = 689
Basketball = 689
Yoga = 215

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