Steph Curry: the Baller Who’s Truly a Warrior

Steph Curry: the Baller Who’s Truly a Warrior

When the Jordan comparisons stop being a thing of fanboy fantasy and move into the realm of plausible argument, you know you’ve become one of a handful of basketball players touched by the hand of God. When you start to beat the greatest player ever at his own game—like, say, leading your team to the best single-season NBA record ever—you know God is now using that hand to shake yours, with an added pat on the back for a job well done. 

Steph Curry, the three-point sharpshooter who’s racked up back-to-back MVP nods, All-Star games, and All-NBA first-team honors these past two seasons, also became the regular-season scoring champ in 2016, all the while leading his Golden State Warriors to that unprecedented 73 wins. And all this just a year after helping them clinch their fourth championship. 

Off the court, Curry trades hustle for humility, playing another pivotal role: that of doting father and in-this-together husband. He’s also been a staunch advocate, from ESPYs stage to public service announcements, in the fight to stop gun violence. No wonder fellow MVP and All-Star Kevin Durant decided to join him for another run for a ring in the Bay Area next season.

God, we’re betting, will, too.

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