Still Smoking Cigarettes? These Terrifying New Cancer Stats Might Be Enough to Make You Quit.


Time for another study aimed at any cancer-stick aficionados still out there: Of all the U.S. cancer deaths in 2014, almost 170,000—or 28.6% of all cancer deaths that year—were attributed to cigarette smoking, says JAMA Internal Medicine. Among the 12 smoking-related cancers are lung, larynx, stomach, bladder, kidney, rectum, and liver—and believe us, there’s not a fun one in the bunch. 

If you’re trying to quit, studies now show that vaping is safer than smoking (but take that with a grain of salt, because vaping might make you crave cigs more). And if you’re worried about gaining weight, another study, in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, found that switching to a vaporizer led to much less fat gain.

The best way to quit, though? Stop everything cold turkey, additional research says; it’s more effective than prolonging the effort. Can’t do that? These 5 apps should help do the trick.