Stone Cold Steve Austin on Abs, Training and Diet

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Q: I’ve been killing myself trying to get my abs to pop, and I’m just not getting there. I eat right, I train regularly, and even hired a trainer for a while, but my six-pack isn’t showing. How important are abs for a regular guy?

A: I don’t think they’re important at all for a regular guy. People who are going to the gym or reading fitness magazines and making it a priority, as you are, obviously think they’re pretty damn important. At certain times they’ve been important to me, too, but for the most part, I am what I am. That being said, when Joe Blow and his wife are at the Y and some guy shows up with a hellacious six-pack, it’ll get that guy noticed. If that’s important to you, then I guess it matters, but only to you. But is it important to the majority of the regular guys out there? I think not.

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Q: Got any training tips for a guy who wants a noticeable physique but isn’t planning on moving into the gym? 

A: I came from a football background, and then I trained to be a pro wrestler. Did I try to have an athletic presentation? Damn right! But I was certainly not dependent on tying off my guns so my veins would pop out. That wasn’t my cup of tea. When I went from Dallas to Tennessee early in my wrestling career, I had a pretty good physique. But when the money ran low, my conditioning was hit the hardest by my diet—I started living on raw potatoes, three meals each day. One potato for each meal. I got flat. I was so goddamned tired, I couldn’t even do a pushup! It was obvious that my appearance wasn’t as important as entertaining the crowd and being in the kind of shape where I could work and make it look good on every single move. My advice: good diet, hard workouts, and less time looking in the mirror.

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Q: What’s your diet like today?

A: After I had my knee surgery, I wasn’t really training. I ate when I felt hungry. Right now, I’ve got my calories dialed in to about 3,600 a day; protein is at about 325 grams, carbs at 300 grams, fat at 125 grams. I measure everything out that goes in my body. Zero alcohol. I’m bulking, and I’m doing physical therapy on my leg right now.

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