Stop Sweating

 Javier Pierini / Getty Images

Anyone who's ever done a prework or pre-date workout knows it's easier to start sweating than to stop. "Whether you like it or not, sweat serves a purpose," says dermatologist and sweat expert John Huber. That purpose, executed by 5 million sweat glands, is to lower your body temperature. Although you can't stop the process, here are four ways — from the sensible to the extreme — to help slow your body's sweat sprinklers:

1) It may seem obvious, but after a workout or during a hot day, cold water is the most effective way to plunge your internal thermometer: Drink ice water, take a frigid shower, or apply ice packs to high-blood-flow areas like your armpits, wrists, or forehead.

2) Avoid spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and hot drinks, all of which raise body temperature.

3) If you have a prescription for beta-blockers, try popping one of these blood pressure pills, which help suppress sweat production and decrease heart rate, or try natural beta-blockers like chamomile or passionflower tea.

4) While we don't recommend them, some excessive sweaters opt to receive Botox or iontophoresis (treatment of the palms or feet), both of which can curb sweating for up to several months.