Strong and Lean in 2015: Six Tips for Success From Our Trainer

Strong and Lean in 2015: Six Tips for Success From Our Trainer

We’ve just launched our exclusive Strong and Lean in 2015 program to kick off the new year. The developer of the workout and diet plan, Ryan Heffernan of FOCUS NYC shared six basic tips to help you on your road to success.

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Consume 3-4 liters of water per day to remain hydrated.


Get in the habit of taking a daily multi-vitamin and fish oil for overall health and recovery.


Once you’ve entered into weeks 4-8, begin supplementing with branch chain amino acids to prevent additional muscle breakdown.


Going out to dinner isn’t excuse to overindulge. You can always order something that is not on the menu, or alter a meal to fit something more aligned with the diet plan.

Travel with Calories

You should also have something to eat on hand if you’re traveling. Almonds and protein powders are healthy and convenient. 

Break the Rules

On occasion, cheat. Following a strict diet and training routine can become mentally and physically exhausting. One small cheat meal, like a slice of pizza, once per week is OK. But try and keep the meal within four hours of a workout.

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