Stronger Deadlifts

Stronger Deadlifts

Q: I know the deadlift is a major muscle builder. How do I get stronger on it?

A: Try cutting back on the volume. The deadlift is the most physically demanding exercise there is, and you need time for recovery. You should only perform the exercise once per week, for no more than three sets of 1-10 reps.

After a month of limited deadlifting, drop it entirely and switch to an exercise that mimics the movement or trains the same group of muscles, such as the glute-ham raise, Romanian deadlift, or 45-degree back extension (see

Stick with this list for at least four weeks. Alternately, if your training program has you doing two lower-body workouts per week, you could deadlift one day per week and then perform one of these exercises three days later in your second workout for three sets of 6-12 reps.

About the Expert:
Jason Ferruggia is the author of Muscle-Gaining Secrets and is based in New Jersey.

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