Stuck at a Desk? It Might Not Be a Death Sentence If You Exercise for an Hour Every Day.


Anxiety, hardened arteries, cancer, early death—these are just a few of the evils that can result from sitting for hours on end—but not if you’re active for 60 to 70 minutes a day, according to a new report in the Lancet.

The meta-analysis of 16 studies involving more than a million people found that for those who were active an hour or more daily, there was no correlation between how much they sat and how soon they died. On the other hand, researchers saw a clear and obvious curve tying people who sat longer and worked out less with a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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The findings aren’t without controversy: Another recent study claims that exercise does absolutely nothing to banish the ill effects of being stuck on your ass all day. And clearly, the less you sit the better.

But bottom line (so to speak), you’re in a desk job, why take a chance? Aim for an hour’s workout daily (read these tips for getting—and staying—motivated), and if you’re not already up to that, break it into four 15-minute segments—it won’t kill you.

But sitting all day will more than likely send you to the chair.

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