Success Story: 12 Weeks to Competition Form

Success Story: 12 Weeks to Competition Form

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Age: 35
Height: 6’4″
Occupation: Full-Time Dad
Weight Before: 230 Pounds
Weight After: 192 Pounds
Duration: 12 Weeks

For the majority of Ken Droz’s life he was pretty sedentary. Diagnosed with asthma during his childhood, he was forced to avoid sports and extreme physical activities. But at 35 years old, Droz, now a full time dad with two children living in Seattle, wanted to set a great example for his two children—a five-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son.

When his son was born, he explains that things “got a whole lot more complicated and busier.” As a true family man, “the unyielding pressures of fatherhood” took their toll and Droz began to make excuses. Looking at himself in the mirror, he missed the parts of his body that he used to be proud of.

Stay in the Moment

“Focus in on today, not 12 weeks, or a long-term goal. Make a promise that in the morning when you wake up, that you’ll remain perfect until you go to bed.”

People close to him tried to bandage the situation by saying, “That’s what happens when you get older…you’re not 20 forever.” But he realized that being married and aging is not and excuse for letting yourself go. “I decided to tackle those myths because they’re so convenient and, for my benefit as well as theirs, show that parents can take control of their lives.”

Despite the lack of energy and time, Droz joined his local Gold’s Gym, and enrolled in their transformation program known as the 12-Week Challenge on January 23, 2012. Designed by Adam Friedman and Robert Reames, the program keeps you on track week-by-week until your fitness and diet goals are met. Setting a deadline on his weight loss made it easier for him to meet his goals.

Droz took things a step further and incorporated his own unique brand of motivation—he only let himself take showers at the gym. “I found that even when I would go in just for a shower, I would still be able to do some core work or quick cardio.” He also met with his trainer once a week to ensure that he was on track.

Before tightening up his diet, Droz admits things got pretty “sloppy.” He convinced himself that he didn’t have time to cook. He ate out a lot more than he should have and once he stopped counting his calorie intake, the foods that he used to consider cheats became “more standard.”

Now, breakfasts consist of steel cut oats and egg whites, while occasionally mixing in lean chicken breast or chicken sausage. After being on a strictly protein (Kurtosis) diet for nearly half of the 12-week challenge, Droz is slowly bringing complex carbs back into his diet. He also omitted alcohol, saturated fats and sugars.

April 15, 2012 concluded the 12-Week Challenge with astonishing results. Droz weighed in at a chiseled 191.8 pounds. In May, he competed in the Gold’s Gym 90-Day Challenge, where he not only took the title for his age group, but was named the overall winner for all age groups in the Seattle area. He advances to the national competition in June.

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