Success Story: Around the World to Better Health

Success Story: Around the World to Better Health

Name: Warren Talbot
Hometown: Seattle, Washington (until 2010)

Occupation: Writer/Full-time Traveler

Age: 41 
Height: 5’6” 
Weight Before: 175 pounds
Weight After: 145 pounds
Duration: 9 months

What could be better than visiting virtually every corner of the world? Losing 30 pounds while doing it. Think it’s an impossible dream? Not if you’re Warren Talbot. When Talbot was in his late 30s, he left a promising career as a Director at Microsoft to follow this dream and, alongside his wife, Betsy, began an impressive weight-loss journey while traveling diverse parts of the world and writing for the couple’s website, Married with Luggage (

While the website may be chock full of inspirational stories, the irony is that the experience that impacted on Talbot’s life most, wasn’t even one he was directly involved in. That event occurred when Talbot’s brother-in-law, Bo, suffered a massive heart attack. He says that the 35-year-old Bo “lived, but the experience encouraged me to get serious about living the life I want now and not waiting.”

Talbot quickly decided he needed to make some significant changes in his life. Aside from making plans to travel around the world, he also made a commitment to “walk and hike every day.” He explains that most of his trips “are determined by the local hiking” and he makes sure to “get out several times a week to hike eight to 10 miles each time.” Another major decision he made was to drastically alter his diet. “Before I ate for convenience” relates Talbot who adds that most of his meals were prepackaged frozen items and that “virtually nothing was fresh” as “the focus was on speed first, taste second, and health third.” Today, his dietary criteria have been completely reversed. He says he’s stopped eating processed foods and cooks using “fresh ingredients from the markets.” Of course, when traveling abroad it’s always important to experience the various cultural cuisines, but even there he’s careful to only go “to places where they are using fresh ingredients and I can see them making the food” because at this point he’s focused on consuming only “fresh and ‘real’ food.”

Talbot says the first six months of his journey were spent in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Antarctica, and taking a cross-Atlantic ship to England. It was during these months when he lost the majority of his weight and lowered his previously high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Of all the places the couple visited, he states Peru and Ecuador offered the healthiest foods as “they grow and sell fresh fruits and vegetables.” On the other hand, he says that when it comes to less than healthy food options “the biggest offender is easily the United States.” Given the impressive weight loss Talbot has undergone since leaving the country, it’s clear that his new approach of daily hikes and eating only fresh foods has him walking on a path of healthy living.

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