Success Story: Booking His Own Success

Success Story: Booking His Own Success

Name: Tim Smith 

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Age: 43

Height: 5’7” 

Occupation: Police Detective

Weight Before: 267 pounds

Weight After: 184 pounds

Duration: 10 months

As a police detective, Tim Smith knows that on any given day he could be facing a life-threatening situation. Yet, through it all, he remains a regular, dedicated family man. Unfortunately, while detective work is typically intense, surveillance duty also involves ample time sitting in cars. After a while, the sedentary time coupled with the less than healthy fast food options started taking its toll. Smith began gaining weight and soon found that he “didn’t have a ton of energy when [he] came home from work.”

At the urging of a friend, he went to a police department health fare and it was there we he says, “it was kind of official.” He was told he had “higher than average” blood pressure with “pre-diabetic type stuff going on” and he was advised “to go see your doctor and talk to him about this stuff.” Smith took the advice and also started doing some cardio. He explains, “I was a wrestler all through high school and I thought well I’ll just get this weight off by running.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite that easy. 

Searching for a better way he decided to talk to a couple of friends (a neighbor and another police officer) who had recently undergone very noticeable body transformations. He was surprised to learn that they’d both been seeing the same personal trainer who put them on the Hitch Fit program. Considering the results of his friends, Smith decided he had to give it a try.

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Like his friends, Smith quickly absorbed all the information he could about training and diet. He began training six to seven days a week and eating six daily meals. “At least 50% of it was diet,” Smith says, while cardio and weight training made up “about 40%,” and supplements such as glutamine, BCAAs, and whey protein made up the remaining 10%. Smith, who’s lost a whopping 83 pounds, continues to do cardio exercises every day and also stresses the importance of core exercises, as well as lean, quality foods that can be packed into a cooler. 


He says he’s never felt more energetic and explains that, “once I made the commitment it was great and I never looked back.” However, even with the incredible weight loss, he notes that the greatest benefit is the impact it’s had on his family in part because he feels confident that he’ll “be there a lot longer for [his] wife and kids.” Smith adds he’s thrilled to be able to provide his children with a positive example of how “you get out of life what you put into it,” and says the lifestyle change has also impacted on his 20-year marriage, making “an already strong relationship even stronger.”


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