Success Story: Breaking a 19-Year Cycle

Success Story: Breaking a 19-Year Cycle

Hometown: Russell Springs, Kentucky
Age: 21
Height: 6’0″
Occupation: Student
Weight Before: 364 Pounds
Weight After: 200 Pounds
Duration: 16 Months

Adam Capps had always been heavy. For the first 19 years of his life he would gorge on the worst food he could find, and he was guzzling soda like water. It wasn’t until he encountered a picture of himself on a web forum, however, that he knew he had to make a change. “Someone had seen me at McDonald’s, and the message said that I ‘needed to lay off the double cheeseburgers before my ass got any fatter,’” explains the 21-year-old. “I was having trouble finding clothes that fit me.” He was 364 pounds with a 48-inch waist, and was struggling to fit into size 3XL shirts.

Treasure Every Moment

“When you don’t see progress as fast as you want, work harder. When you see progress, keep working. Pretend that every day you walk into the gym its your first day, and work out like it’s your last.”

To get started, he hooked up with his friend and training partner, Kyle. “If it wasn’t for him I’d be size 52 by now,” explains Capps. “I owe all my accomplishments to him.” The duo devised a program with elements from P90X, CrossFit and Sealfit to up his strength and cut away all that excess fat, and headed into the gym. It wasn’t easy, but he stuck to it. “I keep telling myself that there is someone out there who is in better shape than me,” he says. “But having people ask me for weight loss and lifting techniques keeps me humble, because I used to be the guy asking.”

That hunger for success paid off. Today, Capp is walking around at a shredded 200 pounds and his strength and confidence have gone through the roof. He’s healthier, and no longer worries about taking his shirt off at the beach. But that doesn’t mean he’s settled at where he is. “I want a six-pack really badly, and I want to win a body transformation challenge. Once I reach those goals I’m sure I’ll have more I want to work on,” he says. “With fitness, you can’t ever be satisfied.” GOT SUCCESS? Show us. E-mail your story, your contact info, and any pictures that help illustrate your progress to [email protected]. You’ll be considered for both the online and print edition!

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