Success Story: Cheating Scrawny Genes

Success Story: Cheating Scrawny Genes

Hometown: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Age: 30
Height: 5’10”
Occupation: Sergeant
Weight Before: 115 Pounds
Weight After: 155 Pounds
Duration: 12 Years

Outdoorsman David Ecklor is a Sergeant at a medium security prison in Northern Wisconsin where he says, “Inmates sized you up in a second and your size, strength and power could be the difference between life and death.” David’s family pool seemed to be missing the intimidation gene with his grandmother standing at a diminutive 4’11” and his oldest brother standing 5’8″ and weighing just 130 lbs. As a sophomore in high school, David weighed only 90 lbs. By his senior year he was up to a whopping 115 lbs., but was nowhere near satisfied with his physique.

The 115-lb. graduating senior went on to college and obtained his Criminal Justice degree after tearing his ACL playing soccer. He had to put any lifting aspirations on halt. But after securing a job with the state prison, he began working out three days a week. “I would hit all the muscle groups.” David seemed to be on the right path towards a great body. He drank protein shakes, took weight gainers and ate a ton of food while still following his lifting regime. Misfortune struck again when he smashed his finger in a leg press machine and, a year later, required surgery on his shoulder. “It was frustrating for sure.”


Apply Fitness to Your Entire Life

“Cut out the non-essentials. Don’t cheat. If you want it bad enough, do it! I have put a ton of work into being fit over the years and it’s cool to see the rewards of your labor.”

David’s luck took a turn for the best when he started reading Men’s Fitness magazine three years ago. He began following our workouts faithfully and increased his time at the gym from three days to five days a week. Now he concentrates on one to two muscle groups a day, instead of his entire body.

On top of that, a lot of empty calories and sugar clouded his diet in the past, but now, “more water, better calories and proteins” have replaced his poor nutrition from years ago. David’s lengthy transformation is a masterpiece in itself and gratifying. Gaining muscle weight without supplements is tedious, and he enjoys helping people achieve their goals as well.

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