Success Story: Diabetes and Medication-Free at 43

Success Story: Diabetes and Medication-Free at 43

Name: Timothy Gee 
Hometown: Grandview, Missouri
Age: 43
Height: 5’9”
Occupation: Institutional Custody Administrator

Weight Before: 260 pounds
Weight After: 190 pounds
Duration: 6 months

Growing up, Timothy Gee was always on the heavier side. By the time he reached junior high, he was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes, a condition that even with treatment still affected his eyesight. By college, he tipped the scales at his peak weight of 310 pounds. While he didn’t necessarily embrace the lifestyle, it was the only one he knew and he lived it to its fullest.

Unfortunately, that meant at one point his daily medication regimen included “36 units of insulin, four additional diabetes medications, a pill for [his] kidneys, two blood pressure medications, and cholesterol pills.” Then, one day he noticed something completely different that would inevitably add to his laundry list of ailments and medications. Gee says his left leg began bothering him “off and on and was always swelled up below the knee” adding that when he applied pressure to any spot on the leg it would leave a long-lasting imprint as if “it was like a memory-foam cushion.” Sensing this was something significant, he went to the doctor who told him it was stasis, a circulatory condition that, with a little research, he soon discovered could have very serious consequences. Gee’s research uncovered a sobering fact: He was on a path to potentially losing his leg. In that moment, everything became crystal clear and Gee says he remembers thinking “it’s about time to make a real decision about my life and wellness.”

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While Gee had tried several fad diets before, he says they “never really stuck” or had any lasting benefits. Instead, Gee reached out to a transformation coach, Micah LaCerte, whom he had casually met years earlier and who quickly provided him with the education, support, and focused approach he needed to change his lifestyle. Gone were the days of having “three double cheeseburgers, 20-piece nuggets, supersized fries, and a large Diet Coke.” Instead, Gee quickly learned that “chicken is my friend” and also mentions other new dietary staples include “turkey, lean pork, green beans, asparagus, and broccoli.” He also hit the gym hard going “six days a week and doing at least 40 to 45 minutes on the elliptical” and spending “about the same amount of time doing basic weight training” where he’d alternate days of upper and lower body workouts.

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The new approach worked better than virtually anyone could expect. Gee explains that the majority of his weight “came off in six months” and he reports that thanks to his tireless efforts in the gym and his new way of “eating healthy; eating clean,” he’s now “on zero medications.” “I’m in a place that I never saw myself being,” says Gee and, for the first time in his life, that place has a very healthy and bright future.


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