Success Story: Diabetic at 22

Scott morrison_rotator

Hometown: New York, New York
Age: 23
Height: 5’11”
Weight Before: 320 Pounds
Weight After: 218 Pounds
Duration: 1 Year

“I was 22 years old and [my doctors] told me I had diabetes. They told me I was almost in a coma,” says Scott Morrison of New York City. “My A1C was 13.7. If you’re at 5.7, you’re pre-diabetic. If you’re above 6.2, it means you’re diabetic. You can imagine what a 13.7 was like.” It hadn’t always been this way. A former collegiate wrestler at Rochester Institute of Technology in the 285-pound division, he was large, but not unhealthy. That changed after college. “I wasn’t motivated to work out. I did everything in excess,” recalls Morrison. “I was partying, drinking. I indulged.” His diet didn’t help, either. Morrison would live off of Papa John’s and Domino’s on the weekend, feasting on whole pizza pies, buffalo wings, cheesy bread and soda throughout the day. During the workweek, he’d hit Applebee’s for their half price appetizers on his lunch break and greasy Philly cheese-steaks at dinnertime. His sedentary office job and poor diet helped him quickly balloon to a portly 320 pounds, and his major health scare with diabetes.

Suck it up!

“You need the will power, the heart to do it. It’s something that, if it was easy, everyone would be fit. You’ve got to do it on your own.”

He met with as many doctors and nutritionists as possible to get his diet, weight and illness under control, and began following a strict, carb reduced diet. “I had a salad or sandwich with lean protein for lunch every day,” he says. “If I ever got hungry for a snack, it would be some mozzarella cheese sticks or an apple.” He’d been working on a contract job, and when that ran up, he enlisted the help of a personal trainer. “She understood where I was coming from—she was almost like a therapist,” Morrison says. “Three days a week, it was a jog and a light weight training. I was 320 pounds, couldn’t run; I was sweating. It was rough.” But he stuck to it. The three days of weight training slowly turned into four, and he began running more and more until he was logging three miles nearly every day each week.

His commitment to his health and revamped diet saw him shed 102 pounds over the course of a year. Even better, he’s no longer a diabetic. “My A1C is a 5.3. I feel amazing,” he says happily. “I’m not attached to any pills, I don’t have to see doctors anymore. I don’t have to worry about it. I know I’m healthy.” The benefits aren’t just internal, though. People have noticed the changes. “I go out to clubs now and I get so much attention,” he says. “Before I was looked at as the jolly fat guy. Now girls are trying to socialize with me. It’s a good feeling.” GOT SUCCESS? Show us. E-mail your story, your contact info, and any pictures that help illustrate your progress to You’ll be considered for both the online and print edition!

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