Success Story: Eric Trevino

Success Story: Eric Trevino

Hometown: Denver
Age: 26
Weight Before: 270 lbs
Weight After: 205 lbs
Height: 6′ 4″



Playing in a band isn’t exactly conducive to staying in shape. After ditching high school football in 2002, Eric Trevino of Denver picked up his bass guitar and committed full time to his band, Dread Pirate Roberts. He didn’t think his body would suffer because, to him, playing shows was just like a workout.

“I’d be drenched with sweat, with puddles all around me,” he says. But he was eating like crap. “I would consume an entire party serving of pizza rolls with melted cheese and hot sauce as a meal,” he says. Clearly taking in more calories each day than he was burning, Trevino grew more and more bloated, until he eventually topped 270 pounds.

To make matters worse, in 2007 his sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer—a serious blow to the family. He spent many hours at her side helping her through the illness, but she never let him give up on himself. “She always believed in me and told me to keep striving for my dreams,” he says. “That’s when I knew I had to do something to lose the weight.

Trevino began the process by joining a gym, but he had little direction and found himself easily distracted. “I’d do some curls, some leg presses, and then after a half hour the football game would be about to start, and that was that,” he says. It was only after a trainer at his gym called him out that Trevino’s transformation began. “He said it wasn’t what I was lifting, but rather what I was eating.” So, he overhauled his diet, trading burgers and beer for six-inch turkey subs and vegetables.

For breakfast, he started eating chicken breasts and egg whites rather than fast food, and he kept protein bars nearby for snacks. Guided by his trainer, Trevino then overhauled his workout strategy. His primary focus became body-part-specific lifts and super-sets, which he performed six days a week for 90 minutes per session.

He also hit the treadmill, amping up the incline for 30 minutes of intense cardio three times a week. In fewer than two years, he’d lost more than 60 pounds.

Today Trevino is a svelte 205, becoming the big, strong, and athletic brother his sister (who’s still fighting the illness) dreamed he could become.

“She’s prouder of me than ever,” he says. “I look at myself in the mirror and can’t believe the change I’ve made.”

Eric’s Tip: Do it for Yourself
“I wanted to make a change for myself. To take off my shirt and feel absolutely alive and have people stare at me, that’s a feeling I don’t ever want to lose!”


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