Success Story: Fighting Crime and Fat

Success Story: Fighting Crime and Fat

Name: Keith Keller

Age: 36

Height: 5’10”

Occupation: Police Officer

Hometown: Clinton, Missouri

Weight Before: 238
Weight After: 180
Duration: 20 weeks

When we think of heroes, we think of the people who protect us. However, while they may be every bit as inspiring as movie or comic book heroes, police officers such as Keith Keller face real life consequences. In November 2011, while in the line of duty, Keller suffered a serious injury. Keller explains that “while trying to apprehend a wanted felon during a foot chase,” he tore the ACL in his left knee forcing him to undergo his second reconstructive knee surgery – the first taking place only six years earlier after trying to stop a burglary. While in rehab for the 2011 injury, Keller says he decided he “needed to make a change and lose weight and get healthy.” Soon thereafter, he and his brothers started a six-month weight loss challenge.

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But, the journey wouldn’t be easy. For one thing, he had a few bad habits to overcome. Keller confesses, “it was convenient at times to just grab a meal from a fast food restaurant” and often he’d eat more towards the end of the night. He also says he “drank more soda than water.” Not surprisingly, even though he began losing some weight, the results weren’t quite what he was hoping for. Keller says “I didn’t feel my nutrition was on par,” so he went searching for answers and soon found Hitch Fit personal training who he called on “to get a [weight loss] program custom designed.”

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From there, he says he “followed the nutrition and exercise plan exactly as it was written.” While it was initially difficult, he admits “it got easier after a few weeks” as “the cravings for sweets subsided” and he “didn’t have a problem passing by fried foods or foods full of sugar and empty calories.” Instead, Keller ate “foods such as oatmeal, brown rice, eggs, chicken, [and] broccoli.” He also worked out from home, doing cardio for “around one hour [and] 20 minutes” and “then lifted weights for another hour and 30 minutes for 6 days a week.” When considering the various factors involved in his transformation, he says, “60% would be nutrition, 15% to cardio, 20% to weight training, and 5% to supplements.”

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After only 20 weeks, Keller’s results have been nothing short of remarkable, having lost a staggering 58 pounds. However, that’s only part of the story. Keller indicates he now has “a lot more endurance” allowing him “to be more active” at work and at home where occasionally he’ll even shoot some hoops with his three kids. Needless to say, he won the brothers weight loss challenge and is now helping inspire his brothers to reach similar results. It “feels good to be able to motivate,” explains Keller and he adds that as long as you’re “willing to make the drastic changes” to your diet and lifestyle, and “put the work and time in,” weight loss success is within anyone’s grasp.

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