Success Story: Finding Accountability Through Friendship

Success Story: Finding Accountability Through Friendship

Hometown: Fullerton, California
Age: 28
Height: 5’10”
Occupation: Warehouse Trucking Manager
Weight Before: 210 Pounds
Weight After: 157 Pounds
Duration: 9 Months

Last January, trucking manager Jason Im woke up to discover that he was tipping the scales at 210 pounds. At 27, years of eating out at least twice a day for convenience, drug abuse and neglect had caught up to him, and he steadily packed on the pounds, and watched his energy and confidence levels plummet. “I had a very inactive lifestyle, and ate whatever was in front of me,” he says.

But, thankfully, his friend and co-worker of 11 years David Lee was there to intervene. Already a proponent of living fit, complete with personal trainers and nutritionists, Lee took Im under his wing, forcing him to finally take accountability for his lifestyle and his physique.

Weight Loss Progression

It’s All About You (But a Partner Helps)

“Everything comes back to you and what you really want. Doing this with somebody helped me, but if I didn’t want to do this for myself, I wouldn’t have happened. It’s a matter of dedication and, of course, accountability from a partner always helps.”

In January 2011 Im, with the help of his friend, adopted a no sugar, low-carb nutrition plan. Over the next six months, Lee mapped out a strict diet of lean proteins, fresh vegetables, protein shakes and a “whole lot of water.” During that time, Im lost 60 pounds and began to infuse cardio and light weightlifting into his weight loss regimen. He designated specific days of the week to work out his chest, back, legs and abs, and shoulders and arms. Today, he continues to build on the healthy foundation he built, running 2-3 miles every Wednesday on top of his abs and legs workout. “Saturday I usually sub that in with hiking (5-10 mi.), biking (10-20mi.), or swimming,” he adds.

Every now and then Im takes Jack3d before lifting and takes whey protein after workouts and as an occasional filler between meals. “My main rule of thumb is not to eat anything that is pre-prepared and in a wrapper,” he says. Im enjoys a hearty breakfast consisting of oatmeal and four egg whites. For lunch, he has a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread followed by chicken breast or salmon for dinner. Protein shakes or almonds usually serve as snacks to tide him over between meals. He particularly focuses on eating a healthy portion of complex carbohydrates with each meal.

Although Lee was instrumental in pinpointing where changes in his diet needed to take place, Im educated himself about nutrition by reading Men’s Fitness magazine and But the friends pushed one another, and held each other accountable for their overall health and fitness. In total, Im has shed 53 pounds. “I feel better than ever and can continue to progress and transform into the best version of me possible!”

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