Success Story: From Scrawny to Sculpted


Name: Micah LaCerte 
Age: 33
Height: 6’0”
Occupation: Body and Life Transformation Coach/Fitness Model

Weight Before: 137 pounds
Weight After: 207 pounds

Duration: 15 years

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

As a teenager, Micah LaCerte had a goal: He wanted to look like his favorite action movie stars. But, as an 18-year-old weighing in at 137 pounds, it wasn’t going to be easy. Nevertheless, he had the benefit of being raised by a hardworking single mom who instilled in him the passion, determination, and unbreakable faith to know that if he put his mind to something, he could overcome any obstacles.

He explains the first obstacle presented itself very early on. LaCerte says “in the first year of my training, I had no idea of what I was doing” as “I thought it was 80% training with 20% diet, [but] later on, once I became educated, it was flipped.” He adds, “I read a lot of magazines” and he describes the process as one of “self teaching.” For example, he notes he quickly learned that “you have to eat specific to not only your specific goals, but also your body type” and found that for him the best meal was 10 ounces of grilled chicken breast with a cup of brown rice and two cups of broccoli. With all of his newfound knowledge, things soon clicked and in 2005 he earned his first magazine cover appearance. 

Unfortunately, soon thereafter, he was involved in a car accident sustaining serious back and neck injuries bringing his blossoming career to a screeching halt. LaCerte explains that he was forced to take “close to a year” off and ultimately “lost a lot of weight.” He began thinking “this is all over.” “It was a very pivotal point in my life because fitness was my life” and LaCerte confesses that, “it was the one time in my life where I went out and partied.”

Then, destiny came knocking when a photo from a two-year-old shoot with Jennifer Nicole Lee landed him on the cover of yet another fitness magazine. This was all the motivation he needed to re-launch his career and he says he immediately “cut everything out.” His rejuvenated fitness passion replaced the partying and, he adds that even though he was never a big drinker, “it’s been over five years and not one sip.” Instead, LaCerte’s passion made him so focused that he’d “spend about two hours daily, five to six days per week for eight to 12 weeks leading into a show/shoot” while lifting primarily “moderate heavy to heavy (for) six to 12 reps” and also doing some cardio. When bulking up for a contest he’d eat as many as 10 daily meals routinely waking up at around 3:30 am so that he could “eat more food,” whereas in a cutting phase, he’d always be sure to “get about one to two hours more of sleep” and eat around seven daily meals. Along the way, this passion has produced more covers, reality TV appearances on Manhunt and Split Ends, a WBFF Muscle Model World Championship, as well as an overwhelming feeling that because he’s been so blessed, at this point it’s “about giving back.”

And, it’s here where perhaps LaCerte’s passion shines most. LaCerte dedicates time to various charities including mentoring as a Big Brother. As well, over the last four years, he and his wife, WBFF Figure World Champion, Diana Chaloux, have co-owned Hitch Fit and along with their team have used their fitness expertise to train more than 12,000 people worldwide helping them achieve their body transformation goals. He says, “this is really a lifestyle type of change that occurs” and even though his competition days are behind him, he continues modeling and does a lot of strength training typically performing “a generalized workout (doing) a five-day split, splitting muscle groups, lifting moderate to heavy, six to eight rep type routines” at about 60% of maximum. He says nutrition and “dieting takes up a majority of your day” indicating that “training is one to two hours a day, sleep is seven to eight hours a day and the rest of it is spent eating and planning meals” along with working and taking care of all of your daily responsibilities. LaCerte also stresses that physical fitness is about setting goals, getting educated, “cutting all the negatives out of your life,” staying active, and “learning and living the lifestyle,” a lifestyle that a once scrawny Kansas City kid has excelled at for roughly 15 years.

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