Success Story: From Skinny Kid to Role Model

Success Story: From Skinny Kid to Role Model

Name: Jason Manson

Hometown: Lenexa, Kansas 

Occupation: Construction Superintendent
Age: 38 

Height: 6’0”

Weight Before: 160

Weight After: 183

Duration: 1 ½ years

“Ever since I was a little kid I always got made fun of because I was so small.” Unfortunately, this quote from Jason Manson is one that’s been heard from countless others. In the case of Manson, it was a reality that he’d have to endure into his thirties. When Manson completed high school he weighed only 97 pounds. Entering his thirties, he remained skinny at 135 pounds.

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At that point, he had given up on gaining weight and says he “didn’t really care too much about how [he] looked.” Instead, every day he’d “come home from work and go right for the refrigerator in the garage, grab a beer and drink five, six, seven [cans] a night.” But, as a father of two young children, he started thinking about the example he was setting and says he decided, “it was time for a lifestyle change.” Manson along with his wife began working out and says they “got addicted to it and we both made lifestyle changes and started heading down that road.” Unfortunately, in spite of more than a year of weight training, all roads continued to lead to the same skinny result.

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To maximize his training efforts, Manson decided to enlist the services of transformation trainer, Micah LaCerte. Prior to this he says, “I had no idea [about] the science behind the eating and, once Micah taught me that, everything changed.” He indicates his “goal was to eat 40 grams of protein at each meal” and he began eating seven meals a day consisting of such nutritious items as egg whites, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, chicken, fish, bananas, steaks, and protein shakes. In total, Manson says he “was consuming between 5,000 and 6,000 calories a day.”

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With his wife assisting him throughout, he also began a weight training plan that he says, “completely had [his] muscles confused.” After 18 months of working out “about 10 to 12 hours a week,” he was finally able to put on some muscle. Manson says while he didn’t initially do much cardio while trying to put on the weight, he eventually started using it when “trying to burn some of the body fat.” He says that cardio made up “about 30 to 40%” of the transformation, he credits another 10 to 15% to multivitamins, protein, and amino acid supplements, and “the rest was weights.”

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Manson says his “confidence is so much better” and he now feels “much younger” adding his “mental focus has improved a lot” and “being in shape has given [him] the strength and the endurance to do anything.” Above all else though, perhaps the greatest perk is that he’s not only become “a happier person,” “better father, [and] better husband,” but he’s also emerged as the role model he always wanted to be for his kids.

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