Success Story: “I Did It to Serve My Country”

Success Story: “I Did It to Serve My Country”

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Age: 21
Weight Before: 400 lbs.
Weight After: 220 lbs.

“I went into the Military Entrance Processing Station, and they told me I was too fat,” says Joseph Medina of Houston, Texas. “I remember going home and crying, because it was the one thing I’ve always wanted to do. So I got up, looked at myself in the mirror, told myself I was pathetic, and that was enough motivation for me to get into the gym.” The harsh words weren’t a surprise. At the age of 19, Medina was walking around at a hulking 400 pounds, and his job at Wal-Mart didn’t hold a promise of a bright future. Medina headed into the gym to get his weight loss going. “It started off with a lot of working out. That [was how I lost] the first hundred pounds,” recalls Medina, “Just a lot of working out. I’d be in the gym for two, three hours every day.” But the Texan native still wasn’t getting the results he craved, so the next step he took was to clean up his diet.

Newfound Attention

“Whenever I go out and I’m headed to the bathroom, for instance, a woman will pull me to the side and even lay a kiss on me or they’ll take my phone out of my hand and put their number in it.”

The most important, and presumably difficult, step was giving up his daily allotment of free McDonald’s burgers. “They gave me the hookup,” says Medina, “ I was getting free food every day from the people who worked at Mickey D’s.” But not only did he ditch the burgers, Medina also dropped the simple carbs and sugars and replaced them with brown rice, turkey and chicken. The diet and exercise worked. He’s reached a new weight of a ripped 220 pounds and has been placed in the prestige PT group because of his commitment to excellence with his exercise routine. Friends from home barely recognize the new person they’re seeing. “Right before I left for basic training, I met up with a friend and I got out of the car and I was waiting outside his house,” recalls Medina, “He came out and was like, ‘Can I help you?’ and I was like ‘It’s Joe, we played football together.’ He almost passed a chicken, right there.”

He’s gotten more attention from the ladies as well, to the point where he says that traditional man-women courtship rules have been reversed. “Women were coming up to me for my number, asking me to take pictures with them,” Medina recalls happily. Despite all this, he’s not the type to flaunt what he’s got. “I always kept myself covered when I was working out. I didn’t want to show off what I was doing,” says Medina, “I did it to serve my country. I didn’t do it for personal success or whatever.”