Success Story: “I Was Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast”

Success Story: “I Was Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast”

Hometown: Villa Rica, Georgia

Occupation: Recycle Paper Mill Worker
Age: 29

Height: 6’4″
Weight Before: 240 
Weight After: 196
Duration: 1 year

Breakfast for lunch? Hell yeah. Breakfast for dinner? Sure, why not. Dessert for breakfast? Most wouldn’t dare, but Georgia native Ryan Delk had no qualms about starting the day with McDonald’s hot cakes, chicken biscuits, and yes, ice cream. His “anything I wanted, anytime I wanted” mentality coupled with his lack of physical activity caused him to swell to an unpleasant 240 lbs. by his 28th birthday. 

Though Delk had been mulling a change for a while, he didn’t pursue a healthier lifestyle until some comments about his weight hit home. “One of my friends actually made a joke about how far along I was being pregnant,” says Delk, “ I guess that was kind of my turning point right there. It was time for me to do something about it.”

Good habits die hard

“If you stick with it for a short period of time, it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit you want to do it. It becomes a part of your lifestyle.”

Delk and his friend threw in a P90X DVD one night and have since completed over 200 days of the popular workout. In addition to P90X, Delk also mixes in Insanity. When he’s not using one of the DVD’s, he tries to spend at least five days a week training in the gym.  

Delk also made a point to kick the junk in his diet. “I completely changed the way I was eating. I stopped eating any fried foods. I avoided sugar. No dessert. I just ate healthy food all the time,” says Delk. He broke up his meals into five or six small ones throughout the day. For breakfast he tries to stick with oatmeal, chicken breast and a few eggs. For lunch and dinner he eats a combination of chicken breast, turkey, or fish with some vegetables and brown rice. 

His hard work showed. He lost over 40 pounds and gained a mountain of confidence. Before, he was reluctant to go swimming or take part in activities that involved him shirtless. Now, he’s swimming almost four times a week. He also has no problem grinding out a lengthy basketball game or a five-mile jog. Dating is less stressful, too. “Now I feel like I’m not going to be a let down when I get there and just be myself the whole time,” says Delk. 

Even with his crazy work schedule Delk is able to fit in some gym time. If you ask him, there is no excuse for not working out. “If you want to do something you’ll find time to do it, and that’s what I do,” says Delk. 

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