Success Story: Making Time for Better Health


Name: Burt Humburg

Hometown: Mason City, Iowa

Age: 37

Height: 6’1/2″

Occupation: Hospitalist

Weight Before: 248 pounds

Weight After: 208 pounds
Duration: 3 months

When it comes to listening to the human body and truly understanding its various signals, you need a medical doctor. Burt Humburg, MD, a 37-year-old hospitalist at the Mercy Medical Center of Northern Iowa is a prime example. He treats countless patients and their diverse problems each day. Considering the various issues he treats every day, it should come as no surprise that while Humburg may work long taxing hours, he still does his best to maintain his health.

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Of course, this means taking preventative measures to prepare for potential healthcare issues. “My dad died of a heart attack” at age 49, explains Humburg. As a result, he takes the cholesterol-lowering medication known as statin. He also decided to get more serious about fitness and sought the help of Hitch Fit trainers, because Humburg says while he was willing and able to do anything necessary on his own, “I needed someone to tell me what to do.” “My trainer tells me what I need to do and I do it” indicates Humburg who hit the gym hard at least four times per week for intense, two-hour sessions. He explains that “on any particular day, [sessions] can consist of cardio (from fat-burning walking on the treadmill to Tabatas) or lifts (from few reps [with] high weight building/bulking lifts to high reps [with] low weight fat burning lifts)” such as bench presses, squats, and lat pulldowns.

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However, he is quick to note that intense workouts were only part of his weight-loss puzzle. In fact, in Humburg’s opinion, the combination of weight training and cardio were slightly overshadowed by one other significant component: Diet. Humburg admits to once being a creature of habit and indicates that pizza was his guilty pleasure. He explains that “it is just so convenient to dial up the local delivery” to quickly satisfy hunger, but he adds that when he finally decided to break the habit it had “a major impact.” Like many who have successfully lost weight, Humburg promptly started noticing improvements once he cut down on serving sizes and switched to eating leaner meats including chicken, as well as other protein-rich foods such as Greek yogurt.

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In only three months, Humburg lost 40 pounds and says that “most of the weight was gone within two [months].” Following his successful weight loss, Humburg went into a bulking phase adding significant muscle mass by maintaining his focus in the gym while increasing his protein and caloric intake. Humburg then went into a cutting phase where he would frequent the gym six days a week. He described this phase as one where he would spend “one hour on the treadmill plus core strengthening in the morning, and then two hours doing lifts in the evening.” The results speak for themselves. “I think I’ve added about 10 pounds of muscle since my first transformation,” says Humburg. However, in spite of the dramatic physique changes, the most significant message conveyed by Humburg’s transformation is that regardless of whether you’re a busy healthcare professional or just someone wanting to prepare for the future, making time for fitness today is essential for a healthier tomorrow.