Success Story: “My Confidence Was Really Low”

Matt luttrell_rotator

Hometown: Montross, Colorado
Occupation: Student/Football Coach
Age: 24
Height: 6′
Weight Before: 238 Pounds
Weight After: 189 Pounds

Matt Luttrell was an active guy—he played sports throughout high school and worked out a few days each week when he got to college. His diet consisted of the usual college fare—tacos, pasta, fast food—but he managed to keep his weight under control. When he hit his 21st birthday, however, that all changed. He was partying hard three nights each week and the quality of his time at the gym began to suffer. “[Friday night], I’d probably drink 12 beers, maybe a couple shots on top,” he recalls. “When I turned 21 it was, ‘I’ll work out when I want to.’ Most of the time I was too hung over. I really didn’t care.” His lack of effort soon manifested itself in his physique, as he ballooned to a doughy 238 pounds.

His weight soon took a toll on his confidence. “I hated walking into class two minutes late because I didn’t want people looking at me,” says Luttrell. “My confidence was really low. My grades suffered. I felt very alone at that point.” Luttrell, a high school football coach, was nervous around his athletes because he couldn’t perform many of the feats he was there to teach. His girlfriend wanted to train for a half marathon, but he physically could not do it. “There was no way I could even run a mile,” he says.


One step at a time

“Plan short-term goals and reach them. After each goal set a next goal. Keep going and climbing. It’s not what the scale says but how many inches you lose.”

Unlike most of our success stories, there was no pivotal moment that notivated Matt to change his life. He simply looked at the way he was living and realized it was time. “On the way home [from a local bar] the light went off. I was just like, ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?’” he recalls. “[After] that, I went seven months without drinking. That’s what propelled me to start my diet.”

Luttrell dialed in his nutrition by carefully portioning out each meal before he ate and replacing his frat boy foods with lean meats, veggies and protein supplements. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it,” he says. Better yet, he’s made the gym a priority, not something he does when he has free time. “I’m at the gym six days a week. I wake up at 5:30 and try to be in the gym for an hour-and-a-half, then try for a half hour of intervals” Luttrell explains. “At night I’ll do another half hour of intervals.” He also trains three days a week with a personal trainer and swaps in TRX training a few afternoons each week for his cardio.

That first workout was January 7th, 2011. Over the course of this past year he’s managed to drop 49 pounds, and his confidence and energy levels have both gone through the roof. Luttrell can relate to what his players go through when they’re weight training and offer better insights, as he’s stronger and faster than he was in high school. He’s even getting ready to prepare for a physique competition, and his transformation has earned him a little bit of extra attention from the ladies. “I walked into a bar and [a few girls I went to high school with] were drinking. I don’t drink, so I just sat down and started having a good time. [One of the girls] looked at me and did a double take, then realized it was me,” he says with a laugh. “For the next 45 minutes all she could talk about was how I looked. That’s definitely a huge confidence booster.”

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