Success Story: Officer Slams Fat

Success Story: Officer Slams Fat

Name: Chad Evans

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Age: 38

Height: 5’8”

Occupation: Police Officer

Weight Before: 208 pounds

Weight After: 170 pounds

Duration: 16 weeks 

Like most amateur wrestlers, Chad Evans says he always believed that “it was nothing to drop weight.” Evans was a star high school wrestler who moved on to competing at the collegiate level before becoming a marine and finally a police officer. Unfortunately, over time, Evans admits he became “horribly out of shape.”

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“I just started finding excuses to not go to the gym on my own,” explains Evans who adds he often drank as much as “120 to 160 ounces of Coke” while working the nightshift. To make matters worse, he complemented that by eating candy bars and fast food. Evans’ weight eventually escalated to 208 pounds and not only was he forced onto blood pressure medication, but he says it “affected everything.”

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One of the things it affected was his family life. “I would come home and my idea of hanging out with the kids, cause I was so tired, was to sit on the couch,” says Evans who adds that, because of his fatigue, he’d often make up excuses to avoid going for walks with his wife. One day while running around with the kids, Evans’ conditioning finally caught up with him. “When I ran up to the top of the stairs, I had to stop at the top of the stairs and catch my breath,” explains Evans. This scared him and, after some heartfelt conversations with his wife, he emerged with a plan to get a trainer.

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Evans turned to Hitch Fit personal trainers who he knew had helped other police officers. Among the many things he learned he says that arguably the most significant was “learning how to enjoy food and still eat healthy.” Evans recalls being continually reminded through emails that he couldn’t approach this as a quick-fix diet. Instead, Evans says he embraced the lifestyle change and began eating healthy meals including “chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, a lot of vegetables, egg whites, [and] oatmeal” while switching from sodas to black coffee or water. He also hit the gym hard doing cardio work five to seven times a week and says he was “in the gym lifting anywhere from four to five days a week…. typically 45 minutes to an hour.” While there, Evans says he did “a ton of abs, [and] a ton of legs” exercises, as well as bench press exercises, inclines, dumbbells, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, deadlifts, and leg curls.

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The results came quick. He lost 50 pounds in 16 weeks dropping from 208 pounds to 158 pounds and he was soon taken off blood pressure medication. He credits 65% of his transformation to his diet, 15% to cardio, another 15% to weight training, while protein and flax seed oil supplementation made up the remaining 5%. Since that time, Evans has added 12 pounds of muscle by reducing his cardio work while maintaining his healthy diet and weight training. Even with all the positives of his transformation, however, Evans says his greatest reward is spending “more quality time with my family.”

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