Success Story: One Extreme to the Other

Success Story: One Extreme to the Other



Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 31
Height: 5’11”
Weight Before: 300+ lbs
Weight After: 184 lbs

It took a serious health scare to give William Lockley the wake-up call he needed. “I was watching television and eating dinner when the left side of my body began tingling and went numb,” he says. “Having a background in sports and a base knowledge in training, I knew this was a sure sign of a stroke or heart attack.” At just 28, the restaurant co-owner and high school athletics coach knew he had taken his unhealthy lifestyle too far.

By then, Lockley, who had been overweight since childhood, resigned himself to being the big kid. “I was the ‘friend’ to all the girls, the class clown who’d poke fun at himself to avoid jokes from others. That’s why I chose food: it didn’t judge.” After playing football in college, his activity level dropped to zero while his eating habits remained the same. “My weight ballooned to over 300 pounds,” but he couldn’t even determine his exact weight. “Whenever I’d weigh myself, the scale’s arrow would shoot to 300 (the limit) the moment I stepped on.”


One Step at a Time

“If you can lose one pound, you can lose two. If you lose two, you can lose three. Don’t look at the total number of pounds to lose; look at each pound as what it is, an individual pound. String together a bunch of one-pound loses and before you know it, it’ll be a 140-pound loss and a new life!”

But it wasn’t just his waistline that was showing signs of the damage he was doing to his body. “For as far back as I could remember, I would randomly have nose bleeds. Looking back on it, it probably had to do with the fact that I’d drink, at minimum, a 2-liter of soda a day,” he reveals. “I would get sick a lot more often, I’d always feel tired and sluggish, my moods were bi-polar in a sense that you’d just hope you caught me on the right day. I became a lot more socially withdrawn.”

Lockley started a strict regimen of HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training) under the guidance of a fitness buff friend. His business partner joined him during his workouts, which gave him accountability and motivation. Once he had a solid foundation, he scaled it back. “I’ve since developed a style that integrates circuit training with Olympic lifting as well as compound and isolational exercises giving me the complete package as far as maintaining/slowly increasing strength while keeping a high intensity cardio aspect necessary to keep the excess body fat off.”

However, he admits he initially took his weight loss too far. “I had a goal of 215 pounds. Once I became close to that number, I reset my goal to something lower. When I’d hit the new goal, I still wasn’t 100% happy and would reset the number again.” Lockley couldn’t shed the stigma of being fat, and continued to lose weight long past his goal until he had dropped to 162 pounds. “Once you are morbidly obese, all you see is the skinny person you want to be.” A close friend finally pointed out that he had lost too much weight. “I went from one extreme (obesity) to the other (borderline anorexia) without gaining any real self-confidence along the way.”

Now 31, Lockley eventually found the balance and the confidence he needed. “To ensure that I keep on the right path, I train three days in the gym and do cardio for two to three days in between.” He also runs a boot camp in Miami where he helps others achieve their fitness goals. “Most overweight people use being ‘big-boned’ as an excuse for why they fail on diets or why, no matter what workout they do, they can’t seem to lose weight. Self-pity and low self-worth allow for complacency.”

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