Success Story: Shock to the Sedentary System

Success Story: Shock to the Sedentary System

Name: Gus Kahermanes
Hometown: Neptune, New Jersey
Age: 58 
Height: 6’2” 
Occupation: Director of Technology

Weight Before: 360 pounds 
Weight After: 232 pounds 
Duration: 8 months

When most guys say, “I didn’t think I could ever do what I did,” there’s often a hint of exaggeration involved to accentuate the significance of their accomplishment. Not Gus Kahermanes, a Director of Technology, who surprised even himself by shedding an astounding 128 pounds in only eight months.

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Like many, Kahermanes, a husband and father of two girls, would start his desk job early each morning, work hard all day, and then return home in the late evening, only to do the same thing the next day. He complimented that sedentary lifestyle with poor dietary choices “constantly eating” such foods as pizza, cookies, ice cream, and potato chips. “I got on the scale one day and I was over 350 pounds and I said, ‘okay well, you know, I’ll cut out some of the junk food,’” Kahermanes says. Unfortunately, he subsequently gained another 10 pounds and says it was at that point when he “made the decision to get some help.”

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He turned to a place he had become familiar with having driven past it many times, Mike Duffy’s Personal Training studio. Kahermanes says, “I went in and he gave me some guidance on how to eat,” as well as an exercise plan and ongoing support. The new plan called for an ample-sized breakfast, a smaller lunch, and an even smaller dinner, a complete reversal of what he was used to, with portion sizes that were generally barely enough to fill the palm of his hand. His new diet consisted of such healthy fare as chicken, flank steak, broccoli, string beans, and zucchini.

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Kahermanes also adopted a new lifestyle where after work he’d “go home, have something light to eat, go to the gym, go home, shower, and then go to bed” and he indicates “that routine kept me sticking to everything.” Each gym visit lasted about an hour and he’d do “mostly weights [and] about 20 minutes of cardio” up to five times a week. Kahermanes explains, “every session we’d do abs” and he’d alternate between lower body days performing various leg exercises, and upper body days targeting his arms and chest. He also got into the habit of throwing around the medicine ball, as well as performing treadmill interval training, and adds he did “a variety of exercises so it was never really the same, always altered” to ensure muscle confusion and growth.

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The plan worked. “Between the diet and getting the exercise in, I started seeing results, and I was seeing results almost on a daily basis,” explains Kahermanes who attributes 60% of his transformation to a healthy diet, while cardio and weight training made up the remaining 40%. Five years later, he’s maintained his newfound lifestyle and weight. Kahermanes credits his family, friends, and trainers for giving him incredible support throughout and says the key to weight-loss success is “to make the decision to do it” and be willing to “totally change” your diet and commitment to exercise.

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