Success Story: Waking up to a New Reality

Success Story: Waking up to a New Reality

Name: Jon Felske

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Technology Entrepreneur/Lead Guitarist

Age: 27

Height: 6’2″

Weight Before: 211 pounds

Weight After: 172 pounds

Duration: 3 months

We all get wake-up calls. Jon Felske received his one day at work when he stood up at his cubicle and looked around the office. “I realized if I didn’t change my behavior, then this [mundane, sedentary lifestyle] would be me in 20 years,” explains Felske, a 27-year-old technology entrepreneur and lead guitarist of the two-time Gospel Music Association award winning band, Open Sky. The realization prompted action. “I made the decision to find out as much as I could about fitness and talk to and learn from experts,” says Felske. As a result, Felske’s currently singing a much different and far more optimistic tune.

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However, this new outlook didn’t materialize overnight. Felske notes that he had a lot of learning to do and decided to enlist the services of transformation trainer Micah LaCerte who quickly set him up on an exercise and diet plan. According to Felske, his primary area of learning and the most significant change he made involved his diet. One of the most surprising aspects to Felske was that he says he was “eating more” than he what he was used to consuming. As well, the timing of his meals was something entirely new to him. Felske says he found himself eating “smaller meals more frequently” because he explains “you need to fuel your body to do your workouts and increase your metabolism.” He says he “used to eat a lot of refined carbs and foods high in sugar” adding that the actual foods he was eating weren’t the real problems. Instead, he indicates that the ingredients were the main problems as he stresses that “regular pizza, ice cream, pasta and juice/soda are all really bad for you, but you can actually make healthy versions of these that taste great.” Regardless, Felske indicates he’s “usually eating lean meats with veggies” and now drinks mostly water, fresh juices, and green tea extract.

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But, diet was only part of the change. Felske also became very focused on working out, spending on average six days per week in the gym as he worked diligently to shed the weight. His workouts would begin in the morning with up to 30 minutes of cardio training. From there, Felske says he’d resume his training spending “one to one-and-a-half hours at the gym in the evening” doing primarily higher rep count exercises. The results came quick. “It took me just over three months to drop about 30 pounds” says Felske.

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Within only three months, Felske made such an impressive transformation that he was able to compete in a fitness competition. He credits as much as 80% of his transformation to the changes he made in his diet, while adding that weight training was the second most important factor, followed closely by cardio training. Since concluding his original transformation, Felske has spent the last eight months working hard on bulking up. In total, he’s put on more than 15 pounds by reducing his cardio sessions to only two per week, while altering his weight training style and lifting heavier weights for lower reps. At the conclusion of this bulking phase he plans to tone using the same principles he implemented to shed the original 39 pounds. Felske says he’s “more driven” than ever before. However, when you consider that the primary difference between the man he is today and the one standing at the cubicle all boils down to knowledge, it could easily be concluded that with the proper focus, knowledge truly is power.

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