The Summer Body Project: Behind the Scenes

The Summer Body Project: Behind the Scenes

We’ve seen plenty of workout programs and diet plans. And to be honest, if you stay committed and follow them through, they will work. But there’s more to a workout program than just exercises and protein shakes. There’s that level of motivation and commitment needed to make what you want happen. Instead of cobbling up an old workout routine and diet plan and slapping “Summer Body Project” on it, we wanted to put something unique together, something with a bit more thought behind it, and without any wild claims or super-technical scientific rationale. We were looking for a raw program, created by real people who have been in your situation before. Our designers have been too fat, they’ve been too skinny, and they’ve been stuck in a cubicle, unmotivated, and wondering why bother? But they turned things around for themselves, and now whether you’re trying to bulk up, or lean down, you can do the same for yourself.


Tim McComsey, our registered dietician and certified personal trainer, grew up his entirely life on the skinny side. With the aspiration of building more muscle and sculpting a perfected physique, Tim became dedicated and determined to learning the secrets to proper nutrition and weight training. Today, Tim is one of the best conditioned bodies in the fitness industry.

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Jason Martuscello, our other certified personal trainer, also fought and clawed for what he wanted. At one point Jason was consuming fast food at nearly every meal, and blew up to 280 pounds. But after a life-changing experience, Jason turned his life around and made fitness his purpose. (We even ran Jason’s success story here on

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Rob Smith was never fat, he was never skinny. In fact, he was always an athlete. Well, until he joined the ranks of corporate America. After spending years pounding away at the keyboard, Rob decided to leave it behind, become a trainer and chef, and continue his pursuits of creative endeavors within the fitness industry. 

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A conference call was staged with the three of our designers to discuss the overall vision and goal of the Summer Body Project. “To create a simple, straight-forward training program and diet plan that could be adopted by anyone with any goal.” From there a select number of exercises were chosen to use as the core moves (we chose 21, which is about 3 per body part). Each of the eight weeks were then pegged with a “mini-goal” or “progression” which includes an “acclimation phase” to get the person comfortable with the movement patterns and immediate effects of training, followed by “power,” “muscular size,” and “muscular endurance” phases. Finally, each designer took away two-three weeks of the program to generate their own workouts for that week. Once all eight weeks were created individually, a second conference call was staged for everyone to collaborate in a Google Document to “live-edit” the workout program so that everyone was in agreement with the program’s intricacies and overall integrity. 

Upon finalization of the eight week workout program, the diet plan was created. Although the foods are similar for bulkers and cutters, the portion control is the kicker. There’s no magic formula, it’s simply a blueprint to follow. If you’re attempting to bulk, you’d eat slightly more than the cutter and vice versa. If you’re failing to see results, the portions can be slightly modified in either direction. 


The contributors to this program are heavily involved in fitness, and are willing to be at your side throughout your own transformation. Watch for our weekly workout release that will be posted on the MEN’S FITNESS Facebook and Twitter pages every Monday at 12PM ET starting on May 5. For the entire workout program, diet plan, extra recipes, additional content, and even a chance at being featured on MENSFITNESS.COM, be sure to bookmark our content center at For any questions about the program, be sure to get involved in the conversation and show off your progress using the hashtags #SummerBodyProject, #HumanFitProject, and #SummerBodySelfie.

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